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Peter Laing guilty on all charges

Posted by on Feb 29, 2016

Peter Laing guilty on all charges

In Thursday, NYPD office’s Peter Liang was convicted for the reckless manslaughter of Akai Gurley. This may be a surprised verdict, but brings powerful message regarding police killings and shows the public that they aren’t above the law.

The Brooklyn courtroom was packed with people and filled with tension just before 7 p.m. when the jury came with a verdict. The deceased family sat for two weeks in the front row. The mother of Gurley’s daughter stated that she was thankful to God and to DA who promised them a conviction.

APTOPIX_Stairwell_Shooting_Trial-0a58eWhen jury issued their decision, the look on Peter Liang face could not be described, from surprise to disbelief. He buried his head in his hands, while his defender put his hand on his back. Several people in the courtroom gasped from surprise.

He will remain free on bail until April 14, when he is facing up to 15 years of prison. This is the first case in a decade, for one police officer of NYPD to be convicted.

Dominique Strauss-Kahn Status Hearing - August 23, 2011Kenneth Thomson, Brooklyn District Attorney stated that he had dealt with only one case of police killing and that is the case of Peter Liang. He also said that they support their police officers, but when an innocent man is shot and killed, the ones who are responsible will have to pay for their crimes.

On a day he was killed, Gurley had to take stairs because the elevator wasn’t working in the Pink Houses. The deceased father has a two-year-old girl and he was walking with his friend Melissa down the stairs. One floor above officer Liang and his partner were checking out the building due to the high rate of criminal in this part of the town.

peter-liang-trialWhen Liang took a stand, he testified that he didn’t have a finger on the trigger and that his finger was on the side of the gun. He stated that something has startled him on his left side and that gun went off.

 click on this link to know about the troubling experience for young girl, because she will be growing up without father.

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